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Hahn’s Old-Fashioned Cake Company, Inc. has been sharing the joy of authentic East Coast crumb cake with NY crumb cake lovers. Now, transplanted east-coasters and others can order cakes online and enjoy this delicious treat anywhere in the U.S.A. Our moist crumb cake can be enjoyed at breakfast on the east coast, over coffee and conversation on the west coast, and as a dessert treat or any other time of the day in the Midwest, the great plains, or the southwest.

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Our Fundraising Philosophy

Let’s face it, Every organization could use a little extra money. That’s why churches, PTA’s, senior centers, etc. come to us for a tried and true way of making extra money…. a bake sale!

We will sell you the cake at our best wholesale prices…. and you can retail the cake and pocket the difference as profit. Many organizations actually pre-sell the cake by distributing order forms.

Then, they place an order, pick it up and distribute the cake to their “customers” with no cake leftover.



NOn-Profit Organizations

How it works

Pick a Date

In order to start your fundraising Bake Sale, you will need to choose a date for your Fundraising Event. Once you choose the date we can have the cakes ready for you to pick up at wholesale prices. You sell and distribute it for retail price, keeping the left over profits. 

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Great now that you know the date of your Fundraiser Bake Sale you must click the Contact us button below and get started on your fundraising journey!

Have Fun & enjoy

At Hahns Crumb cake we want to spread as much of the love as possible to the neighborhoods we are in and focus on helping those who live in our local communities. We’re proud to support our neighborhoods through fundraising bake sales. Our team will work together with your group to perpare you fresh delicious Crumb cakes! 

Hours of Operation

8:00 am – 3:45 pm


9:00pm – 1:00pm

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Please Stop by our store and pick up your cakes daily?

Don’t be shy, come on by! We are very busy and would love to see you in the store.


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