Growing up in a Jewish family of transplants from the East Coast, crumb cake has been a staple at all of our family gatherings. Whether it be a birthday, Hanukkah, or Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year), I could always count on my Aunt’s delectable crumb cake to be a part of the celebration. Saving room for dessert was a no-brainer for a piece of my Aunt’s unbelievably tasty homemade crumb cake. 

So, when I heard about Hahn’s Crumb Cakes in New York I was instantly intrigued and maybe the tiniest bit skeptical. Could there be a crumb cake out there from a store-front that could be as scrumptious, mouthwatering, and delicious as my dear sweet Aunt’s?? I had to find out. 

Hahn’s Crumb Cakes in Farmingdale New York boasts that they are family owned and operated for over 30 years, that cakes are baked fresh daily, hand-made crumbs, and EVEN Kosher certified. Now for a Jewish girl with a big appetite for sweets, this sounded too good to be true. You know what else was too good to be true? You can order Hahn’s crumb cakes online and have them shipped directly to your home (anywhere in the USA) So, I ordered and waited patiently, or maybe not so patiently for Hahn’s crumb-cake to arrive. 

The day was here! The waiting was over, the crumb cake arrived at my doorstep right on time. Was this crumb cake going to even compare to my Aunt’s homemade crumb cake? I had to find out, right then and there. Maybe it was the amazing aroma that was pushing me to try it right then and there. One whiff and it was practically begging me to eat it. Well here goes…the first bite……MIND BLOWN!!!  How could a cake be so perfectly moist on the inside with crumbs that are just the right consistency of buttery, ooey-gooeyness that legit melts in your mouth???? The memories of the Rosh Hashanah dessert table, my Grandfather’s 85thbirthday, and my cousin’s baby naming came rushing back to me as I bit into the most perfect crumb cake ever created! Did I just think that out loud? Is this crumb cake the stuff dreams are made of? Is this crumb cake just as good or even better than my sweet old Aunt’s? The Jewish guilt flooded over me like a wave for thinking these thoughts. Of course, the guilt did not stop me from devouring every last piece of the most scrumptious crumb cake in the universe. Hahn’s’ says their crumb cake has a shelf life of 14 days, but in my house,  it was about 1.4 hours.